Largest Snake Fossil Found in Western India

Scientists in western India have made a groundbreaking discovery with the recent unearthing of a fossil belonging to what is believed to be the largest snake to have ever existed. The fossil was found in the village of Balewadi in the state of Maharashtra, and is estimated to be around 98 million years old.

The Discovery

The fossil was discovered by a team of paleontologists from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) in Pune. The team was conducting a routine excavation in the area when they stumbled upon the well-preserved remains of the massive snake. The fossil is said to measure around 6 meters in length, with a diameter of approximately 1 meter.

According to Dr. Rajesh Patnaik, the lead paleontologist on the project, the discovery is a significant one as it sheds new light on the evolution of snakes. “This is a truly remarkable find,” said Dr. Patnaik. “The size of this snake is unprecedented in the fossil record, and it will help us better understand the diversity of ancient snake species.”

Implications of the Discovery

The discovery of the largest snake fossil in western India has sparked excitement among the scientific community. Experts believe that the finding could provide valuable insights into the ancient ecosystems of the region, as well as the evolution of snakes as a whole.

Dr. Anil Gupta, a paleontologist at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, noted that the discovery could help researchers better understand the role of giant snakes in prehistoric food chains. “Snakes have long been enigmatic creatures, and the finding of such a large specimen will undoubtedly provide a wealth of information about their behavior and ecology,” said Dr. Gupta.

Next Steps

The team of paleontologists at IISER Pune is now working to carefully analyze the fossil in order to learn more about the ancient snake species. They are also planning to conduct further excavations in the area in the hopes of uncovering more fossils and expanding their understanding of the region’s prehistoric past.

Dr. Patnaik and his team are hopeful that their discovery will inspire further research into the evolution of snakes and other ancient reptiles. “This find is just the beginning,” said Dr. Patnaik. “We are eager to continue our work and unlock the secrets of the past that are waiting to be discovered.”


The discovery of the largest snake fossil in western India is a significant milestone in the field of paleontology. The finding has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of ancient snake species and the ecosystems in which they lived. As scientists continue to study the fossil and its implications, we can expect to learn more about the fascinating world of prehistoric reptiles.

Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking discovery as researchers at IISER Pune work to unravel the mysteries of the largest snake to have ever existed.

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